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Goodness Gracious Shoe U2017-01, SOLD OUT!

Miss Macie
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Beautiful Chocolate Leather with Crocodile Emobossed Print make this lace up shoe a show stopper!  Easy to wear, the open heel and full lacing make this shoe very adjustable on the foot.  Amazing look for your wardrobe!
Miss Macie boots are handcrafted with every detail in mind, from the tops of the boots to the soles of your feet. The blush pink hung lining and cushion insole with arch support will keep you comfortable, while the leather sole with one of four chosen scriptures imprinted in them will have you walking into your purpose.
Open Toe, 4" shaft (tops), 2.56" heel.  
Handcrafted in Old Mexico.
Ships out in 4-7 Business Days.
Sharon & LaDane
LaDane and her Husband Rick have been friends and mentors to us for over a decade!  LaDane has worked with some of the best boot companies in the business, and now she has collaborated with Anderson Bean/Rios of Mercedes as the Brand Manager of Miss Macie Boots!  The two are a combination of passion for design, customer service, quality, and craftsmanship that doesn't disappoint!